Forest Gnome Trickster Warlock


Wink – aka His Magnificence St. Yaaz, Little Omark, Kylock, The Frenchman, and numerous other names past, present and future – is a Forest Gnome Warlock in service to some unknowable god of chaos that even he can’t put a name to. Wink is utterly unpredictable, but doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He sees life as a series of jokes to poke, prod, and get swept away in.

A 3’6 Forest Gnome weighing in at 40 lbs, Wink has bright, mischievous green eyes and a shock of dirty blond hair. His impish face is perpetually wearing a smile as though he were laughing at a joke only he understood.

He eventually wants to become Mayor so that he can institute mandatory hugs for all Dwarves.


It’s like Bunhild the Violent said in chapter two of How to Beat up a River: If you can’t read the signs, you’ve gotta go to the inn.


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